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National Sovereignty Act Empty National Sovereignty Act

Post by Kitt on Sat Aug 15, 2015 1:53 am

Preamble: Each and every nation, colony, territory, etc; shall be treated as a sovereign entity as per the leaderships' request.

I now present to you, The National Sovereignty Act.

Each nation defined by it's own borders, colonies, territories, etc; shall remain sovereign and independent of foreign engagement unless formally authorized by it's respected leader(s).

Unauthorized foreign engagement upon a nations land, people, goods, etc, should be reported to the international court for due trial and fair punishment and resolution.

Foreign engagements such as border encroachment, weapons fire, troop deployment, and vehicular transport via restricted airspace or national airspace among others and etc shall be considered as a breach of national sovereignty and should be brought up in the international court as a break of this law.

The international court and leadership of the nation may authorize a breach of national sovereignty in case of emergencies such as national disasters, acts of terrorism, war, etc. Breaches may also be authorized in the event the court finds reason to do so providing laws and/or international treaties have been broken. Authorization may also be approved if by a majority demand allowing that no laws are broken in the process and the court approves.

Breaches of national sovereignty authorized by the court or leadership to prevent terrorism, coups, civil/international wars etc or to enact conflict as to protect the means of international/national interests/security shall not be considered criminal and may not be brought up in international court unless two uninvolved nations/entities make their support of a case clear in which it will then be tried on the international court.

Breaches of national sovereignty authorized by the court or leadership to prevent natural disasters may not be considered criminal under any pretenses as events such as that require quick attention and action to prevent further infrastructural damage, deaths/injuries, and environmental destruction.

Non-natural disasters such as nuclear meltdowns, chemical spills, oil spills, among others shall not be treated as a criminal act under any circumstances as events such as those require immediate attention/action as international security, environmental security, human development can be harmfully threatened for generations.

This isn't finished and needs formatting and obvious content construction but please leave suggestions and comments below.

I will potentially be adding on to the content so please tell me if I've missed anything. Smile

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