Official Global Federation Constitution

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Official Global Federation Constitution

Post by Lockdownn on Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:05 am

Constitution Invalid 11/3/15:

Authored by: Grand Emperor Charles Robert Targaryen(XOLOX)


The Global Federation is founded with the intent to bring the nations around the world together into a democratic community. The Global Federation will promote democracy, liberty, and the regulation of nations so that they do not infringe upon the basic rights of other nations. This federation will be given the tools to help ensure world peace, order, and a higher standard of living around the world.


POSITIONS- The Global Federation's governing body shall consist of three branches, those being the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches. The Executive branch shall consist of only one position, the President of the Global Federation. This position will be largely honorary, but the President will be expected to mediate in conflicts, and de-escalate them before a judge is required. The President also has the perk of being able to select a judge, which brings us to the Judicial branch. The Judicial branch shall consist of one role, but three positions. There will be two elected judges and one appointed judge. They are all equal in status and will handle cases in which the law has been broken or a member-state feels it has been wronged. Their word is final, unless another Judge aggrees to an appeal on the case. The President may not be judged by the judge he appointed. Finally, there is the Legislative branch. The Legislative branch shall consist of an elected council of six representatives. Five of these representatives will be representing our five regions, while the last will be the Head Representative. This council of legislators will vote on proposals brought to it. Only a representative may bring a proposal before the council. The Head Representative will convene and adjourn all voting sessions and he is allowed one veto. Using this veto will cost him his position and will ensure that the veto'd law will not be allowed to pass for another month.

MEMBERSHIP- No member-state may have a representative in more than one position on the governing body. The President of the Global Federation will be elected by all members of the organization. He and his appointed judge will serve a one month term and there is no limit to the amount of terms he is allowed to serve. To run for this position, the potential candidate must be nominated. They may not nominate themselves. The two elected judges will serve two month terms. As was with the President, they must be nominated and there is no term limit. The Council of Representatives will be dynamically elected. The member-state with the most endorsements in any region at any given time will become that region's representative. Member-states are only allowed one endorsement and may only vote in the region that their capital resides in, unless there is an uninhabited region. In that case, all members of the Global Federation may voice their support of a representative for that region. Member-states may choose a nation that is not on their continent to represent their continent if they so wish. The Head Representative must be a member of the Council of Representatives and will be elected by it. He may nominate himself and will serve a one month term unless he uses his veto power. There is no limit to the amount of terms he may serve.


The entire region is invited to help in the proposal of legislature. They are invited to bring ideas up, so that they may edited to perfection. A completed proposal can then be sponsored by a member of the Council of Representatives. After the proposal is brought to the floor, it cannot be modified. The Head Representative will open the voting for the other nations, but will not place his vote until the very end. The voting should last five days. The Head Representative is responsible for the closing the voting process and tallying the votes, so the time may extend past the standard five days, but this is not recommended. During these five(or more) days, the Council may argue their sides, but may not propose modifications to the act. Each Representative is issued one vote. If a councilman votes and is subsequently replace or removed from office, their vote cannot be changed and new representative of their region may not vote on the proposal. The Representatives may vote in favor, against, or they have the option to abstain. To abstain is to exclude your vote from the final tally, the same result will come from not choosing to vote entirely. A 66% percent vote in favor is required for the passage of a proposal. If a proposal fails or is vetoed, it cannot be re-proposed for an entire month. If it passes and is not vetoed, it will immediately be implemented into the law.


PROCESS- A case can be started by any nation, as long as a judge agrees to preside over it. The first judge to claim the case can preside over it unless either the of the involved parties declares a conflict of interest. One of the three judges must preside over the case. If the offending and defending parties cannot agree on a non-biased judge, the judges will decide amongst themselves who will preside over the case. The parties are permitted at least 5 days to argue their case. The Judge can end the case and declare his verdict at any point after these 5 days. Any nations not directly involved are only allowed to post at the behest of one of the directly involved parties.

AUTHORITY- The Judge may issue any verdict of their choosing, as long as one of the parties has broken some law. This verdict will be implemented immediately unless one of the parties appeals to another judge. Both remaining judges must accept the appeal and choose among themselves who will preside over the case. If the judge wishes to apply a temporary or permanent ban to the offending nation, the verdict must be approved by all three judges.

New Global Federation Constitution wrote:

1. The Global Federation's legislative, executive and jurisdictive body shall be the Global Federation Council.

Continental Representatives

2. The Global Federation Council shall consist of one Representative from each continent.

3. Representatives are elected by the nations from their respective continents; the nation with the most continental endorsement becomes Representative.

4. The election of the Representatives is dinamic, nations may choose whom they endorse at any time.

Global Federation President

5. A President will be elected from the Representatives; the Representative with the most endorsement will become President.

6. The election of the President is dinamic, Representatives may choose whom they endorse at any time.

7. It is the Presidents duty to tally votes, open and close voting and debate, announce the final verdict, and update the Global Federation Council Registries and Archives.

Global Federation Council

8. Laws, legislation and court decisions passed by the Global Federation Council are to be applied to every nation of the Global Federation.

9. Any member of the Global Federation may propose new legislation, or bring a court case to the Global Federation Council, and voice their opinions during the debates.

10. Only Continental Representatives shall vote in the Global Federation Council.

11. Any Representative who is directly involved in a court case shall be excluded from voting.

12. The Global Federation Council shall be overwatched and lead by the President; if the President is directly involved, a neutral Representative shall lead the case.

13. Every Global Federation Council case shall have a time frame of one week for debate, and one week for voting. The President shall prolong this time, in case of a tie in votes, or the absence of an involved nation.

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