Registry Of National Holidays

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Registry Of National Holidays

Post by Lockdownn on Fri May 08, 2015 8:45 pm

This registry will include a record of your nation's national holidays.

If you want yours spoilered and recorded in this OP then post your registry below followed by a plea for records keeping.

I will try and create a calender style record if you wish.


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Re: Registry Of National Holidays

Post by Apepistan on Fri May 15, 2015 5:43 am

Day of the King: November 14th (Anniversary of the death Ahet-Apep I according to traditions)

Army Day: August 19th (Anniversary of the victory that resulted in the forming of the United Kingdoms)

There are various other holidays which vary with each kingdom.

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Re: Registry Of National Holidays

Post by Ninth Haven on Wed Jun 10, 2015 6:35 pm

A record of the most celebrated holidays and festivals in Ninth Haven

New Year’s Day- January 1st. A huge celebration for the new year. Many feasts are held.

Queens Day- May 9th. A day to celebrate all the queens that ruled Ninth Haven.

Spring Fesitval- May 15th-18th. A festival to celebrate the warm temperature and new life.

Three Islands Day- June 1st. To celebrate how Ninth Haven is divided into 3 islands, but is still united.

Remembrance Day- July 2nd. Remembrance of love ones that passed away.

Candy Festival- October 3rd-5th. A festival to enjoy the sweet things in life and put aside all conflict. Special desserts and candy are given and sold during the festival.

Day of Hospitality– November 3rd. The day where citizens give charity to help the less fortunate for the upcoming winter.

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Re: Registry Of National Holidays

Post by Kingdom of Danish-Jorvik on Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:33 am

March 20 - High Feast of Ostara: This is the Spring Equinox. The end of Winter and the beginning of the season of rebirth. Today we honor Frigga, Freya and Nerthus with blot and feast. Pour a libation of mead onto the Earth; celebrate the rebirth of nature, and the new hopes of our Folk.
March - 28 Ragnar Lodbrok Day: Ragnar was one of the legends most famous Vikings. On this day in Runic Year 1145 he raided Paris. It just happened to be Easter Sunday. Today toast Ragnar and read from his Saga.
April 22 - Yggdrasil Day: On this day we realize the great significance that the World Tree plays in our culture, heritage, and native spirituality. It is from the World Tree that we came, and it shelters and nurtures the Asatru today, and will offer refuge to the Folk come Ragnarok. Trees are the lungs as well as the soul of Midgard. Plant a tree today, nurture it, and protect it. In this act the Folk must abide.
May 1 - May Day: The first of May is a time of great celebration all across Europe, as the fields get greener and the flowers decorate the landscape with colorful confusion. Freya turns her kindly face to us after the night of Walburg. Celebrate the birth of Spring and the gifts of Freya on this day.
December 22 - High Feast of Yule - Beginning of Runic Year - Sacred to Thorr and Freyr
December 31 - Twelfth Night: This culminates the traditional twelve days of Yule. Each day of which is a month of the preceding year in miniature. Reflect on the past year. Take stock and lay a course for the future. Make New Years resolutions in the old way by swearing your oath on Freyr's boar or on your Hammer.

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Re: Registry Of National Holidays

Post by Kvecvo on Sun Nov 08, 2015 6:13 pm

Holeska: Day of the people (November 26th-30th)

Potresl: Nature Week (January 23rd-28th)


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National Holidays of Louisetta

Post by Louisetta on Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:01 am

Liberation Day (September 3rd): The day Louisetta was liberated from the tyrannical rule of the previous leader, Darrel Flammity. The liberation was after thirty-three days of vicious civil war, and was ended when a rebel assassin poisoned Flammity and his top general. After, the rebels took the government and pledged to allow freedom for all citizens. National Day

Secularism Day (August 12th): The day religion was deemed illogical by the state.

Civil Right Recognition Day (January 22nd): The day we formally recognise the rights we hold dear.

Joint Day (June 5th): The day we celebrate the bliss of recreational drugs.

New Season Day (December/March/June/September 1st): The day Louisetta celebrates the coming of a new season and the beauty of the Earth.


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Re: Registry Of National Holidays

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