Registry Of National Flags And Their Meaning

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Registry Of National Flags And Their Meaning

Post by Lockdownn on Fri May 08, 2015 8:58 pm

This registry will include a record of your nation's flags and the meaning of them.

If you want yours spoilered and recorded in this OP then post your registry below followed by a plea for records keeping.

This is also the place to share your historical flags.

I will try and create a timeline type record if you wish.

Please spoiler large images!

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Re: Registry Of National Flags And Their Meaning

Post by Apepistan on Thu May 14, 2015 7:13 am

Flag meaning:

The 3-3, overal 6 tribes in the middle crossing each other represent the 6 tribes that were united under Ahet-Apep I. and eventually formed Apepistan.
The 40 rays of the Sun represent the 40 tribes that joined later to the United Kingdoms.
The dragon-serpent in the middle is the national symbol of the United Kingdoms of Apepistan, which is guarding and holding together all the tribes. The flag is altered after a certain number of tribes have joined the United Kingdoms, because all of them need to be represented on the flag.

Flag of the Kingdom of Apepistan
(pre-united kingdoms era)

The serpent is a very common symbol in apopic culture; it represents wisdom, cunning and strength. Many variations of it exist; sometimes it's feathered, sometimes it's winged, sometimes it has arms (and wings), looking more like a dragon.

Royal crest/Symbol of the Monarch:

The black serpent with an open mouth, showing its fangs was also the crest-animal of  Ahet-Apep I; each ruler uses a slightly different version, the crest of Ahet-Apep LII, the current monarch, is the black serpent coiled around a sword.
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Re: Registry Of National Flags And Their Meaning

Post by Apocryphi on Sun May 24, 2015 6:43 am

:: The Flag of the first Settlers in Arche; Oligarchical Rule ::

:: Vassalage to the (Western 286AD-) Roman Empire ::

:: The Kingdom of Arche // The Kingdom of Apocryphi ::

:: The Crownlands of Apocryphi ::

:: The Crownlands of Apocryphi ::
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Re: Registry Of National Flags And Their Meaning

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