***Rules of Conduct***

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***Rules of Conduct***

Post by Lockdownn on Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:40 pm

Respect our government officials, they were elected by popular vote and will be treated with respect.

If your proposal or case does not end in your favor do not take your anger out on our government members.

You, the new guy/gal, may notice you cannot post inside this sub-forum. Well, that is because this sub-forum is for government members only and the settings have been altered to allow only them the privileges to post.

If you have questions or concerns on a proposal or case then follow the links provided and submit your inquiry.

As of right now, you may only be allowed a government position when elections are present. You may not be allowed before or after.

Council members, you are responsible for the representation of your continent, do not make yours look bad by indecent behavior.

Judges, you are responsible for the fairness and transparency of this entire region, indecent behavior will not be acceptable.

Please be respectful of each-other, we're all in it to have fun.


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