Registry Of National Wonders

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Registry Of National Wonders

Post by Lockdownn on Fri May 08, 2015 9:01 pm

This registry will include a record of your nation's national wonders.

If you want yours spoilered and recorded in this OP then post your registry below followed by a plea for records keeping.

Please spoiler large images!

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Re: Registry Of National Wonders

Post by Apepistan on Wed May 20, 2015 4:28 am

National Wonders of the United Kingdoms of Apepistan

1.: Etrusquan statue of Ahet-Apep I.
50 meters tall, made out of pure stainless steel. It is located east of Konzbator, and the capital city can be seen from the top of the statue.

2.: The Sacred Valley / Valley of Heroes.
It is located in a remote area of Apepistan, and is used as a national burial site for distinguished heroes of the nation. Shrines are erected all over the valley, with the name and the deeds of the heroes inscripted with ancient runic letters, so they will be remembered forever. A special militia unit guards and caretakes the area. It should be noted that the shrines are not always graves, as sky burial is a common practice amongst those who believe in the old traditions of the steppe, and shrines can be erected for those aswell who are not buried in the Valley of Heroes, yet were great warriors. The only foreigner who has a shrine in the Sacred Valley is Emperor Constantine Avarius III.

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